Vital "Living" Water is the hidden secret to hydration,

nourishment and vitality.

What is Vital Water?

Living water is water in its natural vibrant state - as it is found in nature.  Scientists who study the unique properties of water refer to water that is vital as "structured" water, because when it is photographed using special cameras, it has a molecular pattern that forms a more uniform crystalline structure than ordinary tap water. A growing community of scientists around the world have collected evidence to show that it is this very structure that allows water to carry its life-giving force - hydrogen, oxygen, minerals and other nutrients - into our cells. 

Why is Vital Water important to our health?

It has been discovered that when water molecules are organized as they are in living water, they have a much greater capacity to transport energy, nutrients and even communicate more effectively with the cells in our body. 

Many water scientists are finding evidence to show that modern water, on its long journey to our homes, can lose its organized molecular structure and much of its vitality.  When we restore water's vital life force or "energy", it can have profound effects on our health and well-being. The truth is that water can be vibrantly alive or barely alive. 

Imagine suddenly finding yourself in a completely unfamiliar and unpleasant environment where you are pushed at high speeds and forced to act in accordance with a set of rules imposed by someone else.  It is certainly not something pleasant. Modern cultures have literally been pulling water from its natural pulsing, babbling state and forcing it to flow along straight lines where it is highly pressurized, filtered and chemically treated.  It is no wonder that water loses its structure and vitality and, like us humans, is stressed out! 

normal tap water (left) vs. water after 3 minutes in an Alladin Carafe (right)

normal tap water (left) vs. water after 3 minutes in an Alladin Carafe (right)

unstructured tap water (left)                                  structured water (right) after 3 minutes in Nature’s                                                                     Design Alladin Carafe

unstructured tap water (left)                                  structured water (right) after 3 minutes in Nature’s                                                                     Design Alladin Carafe

The New Science of Water

Scientists including Dr. Gerald Pollack, Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, Dr. Masuro Emotto, and Dr. Mae Wan Ho are part of a growing global community studying the unique and powerful properties of water.   It is believed that water's capacity to be absorbed into our cells and to hydrate, nourish and energize us has everything to do with the coherency of its structure or molecular arrangement.  Given that 99% of the molecules in the human body are water, many of these scientist believe that living water holds the key to our energy and longevity.

The Golden Ratio

When water molecules are structured and in alignment with nature, they form its natural hexagonal (six-sided) shaped liquid crystalline molecular arrangement.  Living water's inherent structure and powerful response to its environment was first documented by the now well-known water scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto.  This hexagonal shape formed by living water's molecular pattern is consistent with the principles of what is known as the "Golden Ratio" - The Golden Ratio is the language of creation.  It is a geometric proportion that is expressed everywhere in the plant and animal kingdoms where growth proceeds in steps. Learn more about the Golden Ratio...

Comparison between structured water and normal tap water for plants and body, and why tap water is dead compared to natural water.

These new water science principles are predicted to play a key role in helping us nourish and restore not only our bodies, but waterways, crops and all life forms on our planet.  Even the global water technology industry or "blue tech" as it has been coined, has been incorporating water vortexing or structured water principles to more effectively treat and store water. 

Water Reacts to Shapes

Laboratory studies confirm that water's structure is highly dependent on its environment - how it is contained or stored and the environment to which it is exposed.  And while it seems to many outside of the water science community as almost too simple to believe, mounting evidence shows us that water can be substantially affected by the shape and substance of the vessel in which it is stored.  


Centuries ago, many ancient cultures recognized that water could be preserved for a much longer time when it was stored in specifically shaped vessels.  The common theme in these water storage containers is a design based on the Golden Ratio principles.  

Nature's Design Glassware - Feng Shui for Water

Inspired by the scientific studies of Dr. Masaru Emoto and in a quest to create the most energizing and harmonious storage vessel for water, founders of Nature's Design Glassware were led to the proportions of the Golden Ratio and the Flower of Life: literally Nature's Design.  Each Nature's Design Glassware product incorporates a design pattern and shape that is consistent with nature's geometric pattern that allows water to re-organize itself and re-vitalize naturally. The result is water that is more readily absorbed by the body and a taste or "feel" that is vibrantly alive like water from a natural stream.  

How does the Nature's Design Glassware work?

Water molecules respond to their environment. They are sensitive to the vibrations that are emitted by all things. The renowned Japanese structured-water expert Masaru Emoto best explains this concept:

“All things vibrate, and they vibrate at their own frequencies ... The fact that everything is in a state of vibration also means that everything is creating sound... Whether we can hear the sound or not, we can say that the unique frequency of all objects can be interpreted as sound.”

[*Masaru Emoto (2003) “Healing Messages in Water”] 

The significance of sound and the ability to create harmony from its interaction with physical materials is an ancient alchemy.  This concept forms the foundation of the premise underlying the creation of Nature's Design. 

The original glassware design was created by a musician who converted musical notes (based on the golden ratio proportion) into spatial dimensions - creating a powerful and distinctive form in glass that strengthens biological activity.  The harmonies of major chords were mathematically expressed in glass, resulting in the distinctive wave shape. The waves in the glass correspond to the Fibonacci Sequence - a musical progression which also forms the basis of structures in nature that proceed in steps, such as the spiral of a Nautilus shell and the pattern in a rose bud. 

The waved form of glassware provides a subtle resonance chamber, comparable to the resonance chamber of a violin. The form itself does not generate audible music, but functions as a vitalizing instrument. Once in the glassware, the liquid responds to the vibrations of harmonic resonance that are generated within the chamber - different carafes resonate to different notes. The positive effect of this resonance on liquid restructures or "reorganizes" the water, restoring it to a level of integrity found in natural living water.

Within 3 minutes, water contained in a Nature's Design glassware vessel remains revitalized for improved taste, texture and quality indefinitely.  Like the results of the initial laboratory studies conducted by Dr. Masaru Emoto, the principle is so simple that it appears to be outright incredible. Water is so responsive to its environment that one can easily and dramatically improve the vitality of water or liquids by simply surrounding it with a shape and elements that nature intended.

The Violet Energy Bottle

Ancient knowledge inspires us to surround and protect our drinking water with the ultimate protective yet portable bottle.   Since the beginning of glass production approximately 3500 years ago, violet or golden containers/bottles have been used to preserve precious salves, oils, essences and alternative medicines exclusively. Today thanks to science, we know that life (energy) is best preserved by the color/frequency Violet.  This ancient knowledge was used to create the Violet Energy Bottle which is another easy way to revitalize your water.  The Violet Energy Bottle is made from a unique deep purple colored glass and is perfect way to maintain and enhance the biological value and hydration quality of your water while protecting it from the damaging effects of direct sunlight.  

  • Violet glass filers damaging light rays allowing energizing infra-red light to pass through
  • Improves the taste, texture and hydration quality of any water
  • Keeps water vital, fresh tasting and odor-free 
  • Ancient Flower of Life symbol and the words "Love and Gratitude" are etched on the bottle for positive intention