Digestive / Urinary Tract Health / Hydration

Drinking revitalized water (from Richard’s Living Water special carafe and water bottles) has had a huge impact on my health and recovery.  After struggling with numerous “conditions” including Interstitial Cystitis, Lyme Disease, and GERD that were never really confirmed, I feel I have my life back.  The first thing I noticed after drinking water from the carafe was my ability to drink MORE water without feeling full or going to the bathroom too frequently.  The water from my carafe and Violet Energy Bottle was lighter in texture and just seemed to absorb better. I feel like my body is re-hydrating one day at a time and so many of the health issues were linked or at the very minimum worsened by chronic de-hydration. After I started drinking Ocean Plasma (3 months later), I noticed even bigger changes.  I never did well with taking minerals or other supplements. But Ocean Plasma is gentle, easy to drink by itself or add to water (I can drink it on an empty stomach) and my debilitating food intolerances, severe digestive symptoms, pH imbalances, burning in my stomach/mouth and bladder are all a part of my distant past.  Now whenever I do feel any symptoms start to return - which is much less frequent, I drink more water and take a dose of Ocean Plasma and I know I am on my way back to health. I even noticed right after starting the Ocean Plasma (3 days actually) that my edema (swelling) in my hands and legs which resulted after so many months in a hospital bed reduced. I was able to finally wear my rings again and see my ankles!  I ran out of ocean plasma and noticed the swelling returned, so I now make sure to keep a supply in my home at all times.  



New York, NY



Allergies / Immune & Respiratory Health / Hydration

I started having sinus infections when I was around 8 years old.  They got so bad in my 20s-40’s that I would spend months on the antibiotic chain - on/offf, on/off...  I took nasal steroids, Advair and albuterol inhalers as well.  Since being introduced to the carafe and Ocean Plasma in January 2015, I have ceased using all prescription medications.  I have had NO full blown asthma infections or sinus infections - I also have not had to use any inhalants to breathe and I run 3-5 days a week.  I only talk a capful of Ocean Plasma a day and my two cups of energized water in the AM. A great change from having to take Allegra every single night!  Now I have fewer colds and the recovery is much faster.  If I feel something coming on I drink a 1/4 cup of the Ocean Plasma and try to rest.  I also drink from my "traveler" (Violet Energy) water bottle while at the office and it helps me to stay healthy for the most part.  Both my girls have been drinking the water from the carafe and the biggest improvement is them both staying hydrated.  They also have pretty clear skin (no small feat for tweens!).  My biggest hurdle is getting them to drink the Ocean Plasma - but when they do I can see the difference.   Thanks for getting me off all those toxic drugs!! I am so happy to be living a full rich , athletic life!  I’m still in shock to be off all medications but my body and mind are so much better for the change - I’m never going back!


Water Woman for Life!

Chicago, IL


Digestive Health

I was experiencing gastric distress (gas and bloating) and digestive issues almost daily for 3 years.  While I have been treated by many doctors and specialists - both conventional western medical doctors and alternative health practitioners.  I had continued to struggle despite taking antibiotics, probiotics and many other lotions and potions.  I also made significant changes in my diet (gluten, dairy, sugar, etc), and even added a multitude of supplements and most had little or no effect on my symptoms which were now impacting my daily activities. I finally tried Ocean Plasma and am glad I did! I was half thinking it was going to be a “snake oil” and to my surprise, my digestion has definitely improved and my symptoms are markedly reduced. I have gone entire weeks and even months symptom-free I noticed this rather immediately - after only a few days of taking it.



St. Paul, MN


Diabetes / Kidney Health

Thank you so very much!! This water has made such an amazing impact on how I feel! I was so very skeptical... But now I cannot express enough how grateful I am! My Diabetes Insipidus is doable now, and many symptoms caused by my cancer have decreased! Due to the fact that the only change I have made was the addition of your water bottle and Aladdin water carafe I can't help but attribute these changes to the water.  Thank you a million times!!



Waconia, MN


Vaginal Health/ Food Intolerances

I had been plagued with vaginal infections and imbalances most of the my adult life.  It worsened when I got into my 40's, to the point where I knew I would have to find a solution.  I would never seem to have an infection, yet I had pain and symptoms and even discharge most of the time. I was told it was normal. Natural health care providers (my acupuncturist and naturopathic Dr.) were able to help but I was still left having to eliminate so many foods - even cruciferous vegetables and some fruits (the sweet ones) to try to control symptoms.  After eliminating nearly something in every food group, and all of the "big 3" (sugar, dairy, gluten) it became tolerable, but one night out at a restaurant or one slice of pizza and I was back to taking one remedy or another.  It never occurred to me that these symptoms, which were invalidated completely by my endocrinologist and gynecologist, night be caused by chronic de-hydration and mineral deficiencies. Since I started revitalizing my purified water from Richard's Living Water and using my Universe and Beauty decanters at home and my water bottles while at work and traveling, I have never had more energy. I drink revitalized water now and it is like an energizing elixir. Drinking water used to be an obligation for me.  Now every sip is a pleasure as my body is given real "whole" living water!!  Who knew such a simple change would be so profound...  After the 2nd day of drinking Ocean Plasma, I could feel a change in my urinary tract and vaginal area.  The burning that was nearly constant (that I thought was normal) when I urinated just disappeared and no more unexplained vaginal discharge.  After 15 years - completely gone!!  I have told my Naturopath and my Acupuncturist and now they and their patients are using it.  I kept taking it of course and then realized that my digestion and bowls restored to normal (less loose) and I am now able to eat foods that I haven't eaten in years with little or no bladder or gastric distress.  I was always looking for the right type of foods to eat to control my pH.  I never thought it could be as simple as just drinking clean, revitalized, remineralized water.  I can only say I wish I discovered this sooner!  

K. Louise

Minneapolis, MN



General Health, Immune Health, Hydration

Although I knew the health benefits of drinking several glasses of water per day, I was never able to establish the habit of doing so. Today, I not only enjoy the taste of my purified water, but I actually crave it! After a bout of breast cancer four years ago, I am convinced that my healthy diet and drinking pure, chemical-free water have helped to keep me cancer free. Since learning about the health risks (cancer and otherwise) associated with drinking fluoridated water, I’m relieved to know I am no longer consuming it on a daily basis.  Drinking more water has also helped alleviate dry mouth and dry skin. Starting my day with two tablespoons of Ocean Plasma and two large glasses of great tasting water has become a great morning ritual. Using my Aladdin carafe is a constant reminder of the healing power of pure energized water!


Saginaw, MI


General Health

I'm getting rid of all plastic water bottles.  My entire family all tasted the difference!

Susane Moua

St. Paul, MN