Energize Your Water

There are plenty of ways and varying levels in which to further enhance the energetic or life-giving quality of your water.  Nature's Design Glassware, ANCHI crystals, and Vortexing Devices such as the Duet Water Revitalizer are all products that will vitalize your water and enhance its ability to nourish, hydrate and energize you, your pets and your plants. 

Nature's Design Glassware - a better way to hydrate

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Nature's Design Glassware re-vitalizes and enhances the quality of any water that you consume while protecting it from environmental stresses and enhancing the energy field around which it is placed. While we recommend consuming the purest water possible, Nature's Design Glassware will increase the vibrational frequency and in turn the feel and taste of any ordinary tap or bottled water at any purity level making it more hydrating, energizing, nourishing and enjoyable to drink.  

Since many of us have a long history of at least mild dehydration in our lifetimes simply due to our overstressed modern water sources, replenishing our hydrogen (energy) stores takes time. Some notice detoxification  symptoms after drinking revitalized water from Nature's Design Glassware. We caution you to start slowly and listen to your body.  For those looking to experience more dramatic benefits from drinking full spectrum living water, there are water revitalization technologies that automate and amplify the process of structuring water while adding balanced salts and minerals. 


The Duet - a convenient way to re-energize your water at home

Because restoring hydration and balanced mineral levels in the body takes time, we were pleased to discover a new technology that allows one to easily create mineral enhanced structured water.  For a faster way to enjoy the profound health benefits of vitalized or structured water, the Duet Water Revitalizer is a simple device that can be used to create hydrogen-holding "life energy" in your water at home. 

By creating a natural water vortex, the Duet Water Revitalizer automates the process of structuring water so you can focus on enhancing the water when it is structured.  It makes structuring water the easiest part of creating living water. The Duet structures slightly over 1/2 gallon of water in just 9 minutes. While any water can be used, we strongly recommend purified water since this device produces highly structured water with a high level of absorbability in the body.  

ANCHI Crystals - another powerful way to energize and protect your water

In Scientific terms, every place on Earth has its own geomagnetic field that contains a distinguishing set of characteristics, like a thumbprint.  In rare instances, the geomagnetic pattern is so powerful it can transfer the characteristics of that site into crystalline minerals, thus creating a unique mineralogical geo-imprint as the case of ANCHI Crystals.  This unique geo-imprint is the source of the ANCHI energy of Chi or life force.  Wherever the Crystals go, the ANCHI energy goes.