Our mission at Richards Living Water is to bring you Living Water: pure water that is free of contaminants,  optimized for effective hydration and mineralized for maximum cellular nourishment.  We invite you to rediscover your thirst for water and its power to have a profound impact on your health and well being. 

The invisible truth about water

For most of us living in the modern world, the path to obtaining water that is safe to drink and powerfully hydrating starts with water purification.  Water is the universal solvent: it picks up a piece of nearly everything it comes in contact with. This presents a particular challenge to consumers because only 1% of all contaminants in water cause a taste or odor.  In other words, these contaminants are undetectable to us. 

Answers to Top 3 Questions About Water


Is your water filter doing its job or just removing offensive tastes and smells?

Most "pour-through" pitchers and refrigerators use carbon or ceramic filters to make water taste and smell better while doing little to reduce or eliminate potentially harmful and sometimes difficult-to-remove contaminants.  Reverse osmosis water purification systems - regulated only for reducing contaminants - often fall short of eliminating these contaminants. 


Why reduce contaminants when you can eliminate them?

Unlike ordinary RO (Reverse Osmosis) systems designed for home use that just reduce contaminants, Richard’s Living Water purification systems combine multi-barrier filtration and deionization to eliminate all known contaminants.  This includes difficult-to-remove substances like fluoride as well as bacterial and viral organisms that standard R.O systems fail to eradicate.  Once all of the contaminants in water are removed, not only will your water taste and smell better, but it will FEEL better, and so will you.  Drinking water will no longer be an obligation, but a pleasurable experience.  



Why go beyond contaminant-free water?

During water's journey to reach our homes, it is pressurized, chemically treated and often stored in plastics for extended periods of time.  Even the most pristine spring water is sent through pressurized pipes and bottled in plastic bottles before it reaches our homes.

The life-giving essence of water is found in its liquid crystalline structure - the way its molecules join together in a geometric matrix to hold minerals, gasses (hydrogen and others) and even information.  Water, in its natural environment, is always moving.  It likes to move in an inward spiraling fashion.  You can notice this if you watch water as it spirals down a drain or curls around a rock in a stream.  When water is forced through straight pipes, pressurized and stored in plastic, it begins to lose it's liquid crystalline geometry and much, if not all of its life force. 

Restoring the life force in our water is a key to restoring our own life force.

Repeatable laboratory studies measuring the life force or "biological value" of water demonstrate that revitalized water can be more hydrating, nourishing and energizing. Our bodies are made up of 70-80% water.  99% of the molecules in our body are water.  Doesn't it make sense that when we restore our water's life force or energy we can restore our own life force?  

Water not only keeps our skin and hair healthier as we age, it is critical to our waste management, digestive and immune functions. Scientists tell us that at best, most of us are chronically dehydrated.  Drinking pure, living water may be the simplest and single most important decision of your lifetime.

Water Purity or Life Force - Why Choose?

At Richard's Living Water we believe that restoring water's purity and life force are equally important. We offer a variety of products to do both. Whether it is a whole house water purification system or a simple under the sink or counter top system,  we can bring pure contaminant-free water to your faucet.  We also offer a variety of vortexing and energizing devices along with specialized glassware that restore water's inherent living qualities.  Richards Living Water is committed to guiding you to a life changing water solution that works for you.  We would like to help you restore your natural craving for water: your body's primary source of energy.

Wouldn't it be fun to discover you really love water?