Ocean Plasma - 1 Liter


Ocean Plasma - 1 Liter


1 liter

Violet glass bottle

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Ocean Plasma is sourced from the pristine water of Nova Scotia 35 miles off shore from an active tidal pool at a depth of 100 feet. This mineral rich ocean water is then cold-process filtered and ozonated to bring you the world's finest drinkable source of balanced minerals on the planet - direct from the source.  

- Ocean Plasma is never dried or heated - so it is readily assimilated by the body in its naturally structures, liquid or “raw” living form 

-  contains all 92 elements in the periodic table and the full spectrum of minerals needed by the human body

-  contains valuable co-enzymes and DNA - some call it the “blueprint” for life on earth

- is  called Ocean Plasma because it is nearly  identical in make-up to human blood plasma


Health Benefits of Ocean Plasma

enhances cellular hydration and detoxification

improves digestive health and nutritional uptake/absorption

supports immune and hormonal health (effects of stress)

restores pH balance

increases energy levels, muscle recovery and athletic performance

promotes healthy bacteria (probiotic) growth