Ocean Plasma User Guide

For Re-mineralizing and Structuring Water 

Add 1-2 Tbsp Ocean Plasma to each half gallon of water. Experiment with the right amount of Ocean Plasma to give your water a smooth, rich taste. 

Therapeutic Uses 

Nutritional Suport - If you are interested in re-hydration, remineralization, restoration of the natural pH of your internal fluids, and/or to aid digestion, Ocean plasma is best diluted to its isotonic form. Add 7 parts purified water to 3 parts Ocean Plasma and then drink 1/2 to 1 cup after exercise or any time during the day.  It may also be added to juice or other beverages. 

Detoxification - If you are interested in supporting your body's detoxification pathways, consume up to 1/4 cup of the full strength (hypertonic) Ocean Plasma twice a day on an empty stomach.  It is not a problem to take more, but begin slowly and don't overdo it. Hold it in your mouth for 30-45 seconds to allow some assimilation in your mouth.  Depending on your toxicity level how you are feeling, you may want to continue with this dose for several months or stop after a few weeks or even days and resume with using it in its isotonic (diluted) form for re-mineralizing and structuring water only.  

Ocean plasma is used in its isotonic (diluted) form by many athletes as an electrolyte replacement.  It is also used by colonic hydro-therapists with great success.  Young couples planning on starting a family may want to use Ocean Plasma therapeutically for 6 months prior to conception to detoxify and to renew genetic potential. Note: Ocean Plasma has been used with great success for detoxification within the autistic community. 

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