Clinical Applications for Ocean Plasma


Dental Applications: helps to strengthen gums and promote optimal oral pH and proliferation of healthy oral bacteria.

Dermatology: restores mineral balance necessary for optimal formation of the collagen Matrix.

Gastro-intestinal Health: normalizes intestinal and physiological pH: supports the health proliferation of probiotics in the intestines: and facilitates the metabolism of amino acids.

Gynecology: supports optimal glandular function, vaginal health, and supports normal menstrual cycle.

Hormonal Production: supports optimal hormonal production due to the presense of bioavailable minerals and amino acids.

Neurology: supports optimal brain function and neuron development

Pediatrics: supplements nutritional intake, optimal growth and development, and cellular hydration.

Prenatal Care: supports optimal fetal development.

Respiratory Heath: helps normalize respiratory function after acute or prolonged stress.

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