How does Nature's Design Glassware affect the food and liquids?

Inspired by the Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto's photographs of frozen water showing the difference that Intention makes on the structure of water, Nature's Design Glassware applied the design for life itself - literally "Nature's Design" - using the Golden Ratio design principles, the Flower of Life Symbol and a mathematical formula known as the Fibonacci Sequence to the design of glass and ceramic ware.  Why are these design elements so perfectly suited for water?   They provide water with the natural elements and forms found in nature - and in all living things - that increase the vibratory rate or movement of water molecules.  When water molecules begin to move at this faster speed, a vortex is created and the molecules group together to form a matrix or "structure".  This is sometimes referred to as the hydrogen bond.  It is this very structure that gives water its inherent capacity to hold energy (in the form of hydrogen and oxygen), nutrients (salts/minerals) and other information that supports our well being.  The end result is revitalization and improved taste and living qualities of any liquid or food that is contained in the glassware or ceramic products after 3 minutes. This revitalization is maintained indefinitely while the liquid or food is contained in the glassware and up to 72 hours after the substance is placed in another glass or natural container.

What is Water Revitalization?

Water revitalization is different from water purity. Water supplies that are contaminated with any natural or human-made chemicals, minerals, pharmaceuticals, etc. must be treated to remove the impurities, and there are a variety of physical and chemical methods for doing this.  This is water purification.  Water revitalization is a process of restoring water's vital inherent state as it is found in nature. 

When water emerges from the Earth in a natural spring, the molecules are clustered together in a hexagonal form, the same crystalline form which can be seen in snowflakes.  This is naturally vitalized water. Unfortunately, our current water technology - including everything from pumps, pressure, straight pipes, filters, stagnation, plastic containers, and chemical treatments - all have the effect of "un-structuring" the water, i. e. breaking apart these hexagonal molecular clusters.   When the structure of water is lost, its ability to carry gasses (hydrogen and oxygen), nutrients (salts/minerals) and information - "life force" into the cell are lost as well.  This is why water becomes energetically "dead".  Even the best spring water from pristine sources can become this way as it is treated, transported, bottled and stored.  

Unless you are using a type of technology which has been specifically designed to re-vitalize (re-structure) water, then regardless of what water you are drinking, or where it has come from, you are drinking un-structured water. It is this way everywhere in the world.  
(Dancing with Water, by MJ Pangman & M. Evans)

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