A living (RAW) mineral solution - the way nature intended

Ocean Plasma is a drinkable, micro-filtered seawater harvested from pristine areas in the ocean that adds all 92 essential elements back to water in perfect proportion.  It includes natural enzymes, organic acids and many balancing factors from the sea to help restore pH balance, improve nutrient uptake, digestion and overall energy.  This plankton-rich seawater is harvested from a depth of 100 feet below the ocean surface , 35 nautical miles off-shore from a continuing tidal pool.  It is then cold-process micro-filtered, ozonated (to eradicate any pathogens) and placed in our special Miron glass to maintain its potency and "raw" living qualities.

It is the premier salt solution containing the entire periodic table of elements. Besides the complete list of minerals and enzymes, Ocean Plasma includes DNA, proteins, and many biological and biochemical factors not yet defined by science.  It contains elements that are essential to our health along with what many believe to be the blueprints for life on Earth: a storehouse of genetic information.  Like living raw foods, the minerals in Ocean Plasma are held in living organic complexes with the enzymes and co-factors necessary for optimal assimilation.  Many believe it may be the key to restoring compromised genetic codes in all biological organisms, from humans to genetically modified plants.  Learn more...


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