ANCHI Crystals - Athletic Wrap 14" x 4"

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ANCHI Crystals - Athletic Wrap 14" x 4"


Pain                        Injuries
Rapid Healing        Neck
Back                       Ankles
Knees                     Achilles Heels
Shoulders              Elbows
Wrists                     Headaches
Swelling                  Bruising
Stamina                  Maintenance

Wraps were originally designed for athletes and sports injuries.  The athletes needed quick effective response to pain, swelling, bruising, and healing.  Soon non-athletic people who also had these issues said, “I need ANCHI Wraps, too!”

Wraps answer the need to hold ANCHI Crystals in place over a designated area.  The soft wraps tie in place offering the user greater convenience. It is recommended that wraps be used when sleeping and during the day if the problem is persistent or whenever there is pain.

Use wraps immediately after injury occurs or pain begins for maximum results.  Chronic problems benefit from using ANCHI Wraps daily even after the problem is resolved as a preventative measure.  They also promote rapid healing after surgery.

ANCHI Wraps are versatile.  Every wrap can be used in multitudes of ways.  The wraps last a lifetime and the crystals are recharged simply by placing your wrap in the sun.

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