Who We Are

Richard's Living Water is the passion of two individuals on a mission to share their knowledge and personal experience of true hydration with anyone interested in better health and higher energy levels. From world class purification systems to vitalizing glassware, technology and products that restore water's hydrating and life-giving qualities, we invite you to harness the power of your water.

You are what you drink.  Make it pure and living!

Richard and Katrina 

What People Are Saying About Our Systems

We recently became concerned that our old RO system may not be doing the job.... Our old system was removing about 65 percent of the contaminants so we purchased a Multi-barrier RO/DI system and a Whole DeChem Filtration. Richard provided great follow-up after installation to be certain that we were pleased with our water. It gives us great piece of mind to know that our water not only tastes good but is safe to drink.
— - Dr. and Mrs. Jeff Twidwell, Orono, MN
I love my new Space Savor Purification system!! I finally made the switch from buying bottled spring water and I just can’t get enough of this water. It is like drinking a slice of heaven! It tastes great and I am drinking more water than I ever have. My boyfriend is too. And no more plastic water bottles!
— - Katie Ross, Minneapolis, MN

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